The increasing partnerships with personal trainers to create innovative products and the choice of leading manufacturers of the world’s largest brands sports / fitness products, is aiming at the immediate and continuous availability of competitive products in Greece and the Balkans (compatible with the economic data of the season), without the extra costs and the need for the big profits of foreign brands, this is the AMILA Philosophy.

Within this philosophy and the development of new – innovative products such as:

AMILA Alfa-Plates: New series of weight-lifting discs, with better bounce, less noise and vibration, less damage.

AMILA GluteMaster: The new gluteal training instrument. A fresh market proposal.

AMILA Safe Squat Bar: Now the squat exercises are much safer.

AMILA Olympic Bars: High quality and finishing are the elements that characterize the new series of oxidized (hard chrome) Olympic bars.

Wallballs: For wall-to-wall use, with high impact resistance and soft texture for excellent protection

AMILA Powerbands: The ideal solution for rehabilitation exercises, with rubber is said in three sizes.

AMILA Kids Athletics: For the first time in the Greek market there is a complete series for the children’s initiation in sport. AMILA Kids Athletics are standard equipment, of high quality and strict safety, a unique solution for pre-training exercises tailored to the needs of childhood for sport, with love and respect.