Ron Foxcroft, one of the legends in the world of international refs, takes control of today’s match

As an injury ended in the days of Ron’s football at the age of 17, he made the mind evolve as a basketball referee with a very successful career. Foxcroft encountered problems with the classic pea whistle and decided he was able to improve the situation.

The idea of ​​the Fox 40 Pealess Whistle

Foxcroft showed his idea at a plastic casting company in Stoney Creek, Ontario, and agreed to make a prototype.

The Fox 40 Pealess Whistle looks very much like a harmonically tuned instrument, because it produces three slightly different frequencies at the same time. Different frequencies overlap each other. The result is a loud sound that has no moving parts to stick.

The perseverance yields!

Although Foxcroft was convinced he would win the basketball market, he was unable to receive bank funding for the project. He managed to raise $ 150,000 from his own private funds and, in 1987, he created Fox 40 International Inc.

The Fox 40 Pealess Whistle was a success from the first time it was used professionally in the 1987 Pan Am Games in Indianapolis, Indiana. Foxcroft, surprised, discovered how far his invention could be reached, such as the Indianapolis Police Department. In 1990 he was tested by the National Hockey Club (NHL) and became the NBA, NCAA, NFL, AFL, and Canadian Football Association (CFL). It was heard over the crowd of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 and was the whistle of the 1990 World Cup selection in Italy, the 1994 World Cup in America and the World Cup in 2002 Japan and Korea. The Fox 40 Pealess Whistles have been used since then in many world championships, tournaments and each Olympics.

Whistles are sold in more than 140 countries, not only to referees, but to coaches, water safety, search and rescue teams, personal safety, zoologists and all athletes.


The complete Fox 40 product line has grown substantially! The line now includes Whistles, Whistle Attachments, Fox 40 Gear, training boards, mouthpieces and marine & outdoor products. The Fox 40 continues to invest in new technologies, designs and machinery, resulting in many new products starting each year.