The story of Mikasa

Before there were shoes suitable for different sports, instant replay or sponsors, Mikasa created and perfected the most important part of the game: the ball. It all started in Hiroshima, Japan, 89 years ago. We set the standard before there and we never missed one thing that makes all the sports great: Passion!

In 1973, Mikasa arrived in California to set up headquarters where he could better meet the demand of North American athletes. True to our roots, we have established our reputation with volleyball. But we did not stop there. We took the same impulse and passion and applied them to basketball, football, pole, rugby and all the balls for practicing children. While we took great strides in both professional and Olympic sports, we never forgot the place where all the sports started: the playground.

While the rules of the game have not changed much, athletes, coaches, stadiums and fans certainly have. Athletes are faster, strategies are more complex, stadiums have become monuments, and fans are more demanding. Competition has climbed to a whole new level and every athlete is waiting for the best. Each sport revolves around one thing: the ball.

We understand the passion and inspiration needed to become an athlete, regardless of his level. We feel the same for our sports balls. We put the same passion and inspiration, combined with the best technology, into every ball we produce. The balls, when they leave the production line, touch as much perfection as possible. It’s the only way we know how to make a ball.

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