AMILA ReNegaDe Air Treadmill is hard with the user but environmental friendly!
Feeling like running on air, thiw treadmill is no similar to any other conventional treadmill. It allows more fat burrning than any other treadmill but with almost zero power consumtion.

The user is able to adjust the tension as he runs.
Air Treadmills are the most popular fat burners from any other fitness equipment.
Its built with the best industrial materials, and its built to last for ever.

AMILA ReNegaDe Air Treadmill is the best solution αeven for the most demanding fitness halls!


The Amila ReNegaDe Performance Monitor provides a comprehensive view of your workout data:

  • Large LCD screen displays all workout data in easy to read format.
  • Stay motivated with 8 workout modes, including 10/20 and 20/10 intervals, target settings and heart
    rate control.
  • Easy one-touch mode selector.
  • Power output is shown in watts, giving you an accurate measurement to track your progress and
    improve your performance on the renegade air bike.




Heavy duty double non slipping surface with sealed 608zz bearings
for extra durability.

Steal handle in the back of the frame for easy transfering.

38mm ergonomical handle bars.

Large non slipping stands for comfort and stability.



Four tension levels

No maximun speed

No delay in speed change

Natural running experience that relieves the joint stress

Rubber surface that absorbs harmful vibrations



Non electric powered treadmill

Display Data: Time, Speed, Distance, Callories, Watt

Battery Powered console



Tech Specs

Code : 93802

Dimensions: L 183 x H 158 x W 93 εκ.

Weight: 180 kg

Max User Weight: 150 kg

Running surface:
48 x 160 cm

Console: LCD, with wireless hart rate receiver

Warranty: 2 years